All networks listed below


Wilcrest 192.168.28.xx 192.168.25.xx


Downloadable files

3gpconverter 2 Convert 3GP to AVI?

adminpak.msi Administration tools for remotely administering Active Directory

antivirus uninstallers


atfc All temporary files cleaner

easyav Instructions to take a shot at removing some Trojans and Spyware from computers



checkall checkall.bat.txt

Combofixdirect Combofixdirect2 combofix combofixgotobleepingcomputer removewindowsxprecovery rkill unhide windowsrecoveryvirus

Command cmd command executables


default passwords xls pdf (Default passwords list for all kinds of devices Cisco Xerox Netgear etc)

default reg entries nodesktopcleanup noerrorreport yesdesktopitems offhiddenshowall no-wallpaper ie10trustedsites

default security reset for windows folder

defaults superdefaults windows setup fw-icons-hidden-trustedlow-servers

dotnetfx .NET Framework 1.1 2.0 3.0 3.5 4.0 cleanup_tool


dotnetfx 1.1 Fails to install 643 Error XP fix methods for KB2833941 (For Jack) Try this first MicrosoftFixit50123-KB2833941-error-643.msi If this fixes it, you are done. Do this next if it fails to fix it. Get unzip to a folder. Get NDP1.1sp1-KB2833941-X86.exe run it and then point to the folder you unzipped the file to when it asks for the files.




exe exe2 exe.txt restore


fixwareout (btcar dot com removal)

folderredirector Change the folders for special folders like favorites, my documents, etc.

fsbl rootkit eliminator

fwkill (firewall and security center kill for XP) allow out and in (for Windows Vista, and 8)

gmer rootkit exposer not cleaner

hirens152 and you need BurnCDCC and if you want to make a bootable USB you need hirens152.txt

iefix ieuserdefaults iemachinegood ieusergood ieremovemachineanduser iefix2(XP Security Console) Microsoft Fix it from Microsoft.


Internet Explorer All Versions Registry Removal User and Machine

Internet Open file security warnings Add \\server001 to trusted sites and then run the regfile for trusted low My computer normal low Intranet normal low Internet normal low Trusted normal low Restricted normal low

jre (Java) jre2 (Newer Java) jre3 (Newer than newer Java) jre6u34

killer 32 64

lspfix (TCPIP FIXER)

magiciso to make an ISO or mount an ISO and use vcd just to mount an ISO

mcpr McAfee removal tool

Microsoft Fixit help

minipe you need deepburner Burn ISO/Image ellipsis or you could use BurnCDCC

mrkd McAfee rootkit detective

msclean MSICUU Microsoft uninstall utility REAL GOOD msclean2 msclean3

mseinstaller (MS Essentials) XP-32 Vista7-32 Vista7-64

mtinfo (Mile Technologies Information gathering)

mwb MalwareBytes

officecompatibilitypack For Office 2000 XP/2002 and 2003 officecompatibilitypack2 for all and office 2007

pdfcute pdfcute2 print to pdf (you need both) pdfcute3 pdfcute4 (you need both for Windows 7)

produkey (product keyfinder)

profile (After rename go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList and delete the SID with the user profile path that was renamed)

rebootwin (highlight this data, make a batch file, and schedule it to happen) rebootwin-10keystrokes


rkr RootKit Revealer

Robo.bat Generic robocopy to backup a single drive to a folder.

robo Robocopy, but it automatically puts it into c:\utils and c:\windows\system32 Windows7 mydata

Robocopy Great utility (usage) robocopy c:\ f:\ /TEE /MIR /v /e /r:0 /w:0

sas Super AntiSpyware

sbot SpyBot Search and Destroy

sdfix Red background screen

sd SpyDoctor and Antivirus

sdfix Special Rootkit killer

Search Companion remove the Windows Desktop Search as the default (text version)

Secunia PSI3

smitrem (Spysheriff and the like removal tool)


srkr Sophos Antirootkit

Startuplist Gets a list of MANY startup files and registry run area and will automatically take you to the registry key for editing.

svr Super Virus Remover

taskmanager enabler 1 2 3

tcpip How to reinstall TCPIP on Windows XP tcpip-Vista-7 How to reinstall TCPIP on Vista and Windows 7


Training Videos of Virus infections! UnpatchedWindows UnpatchedwithTrend UnpatchedwithMcAfee


use vcd for windows 7 Virtual CD MountISO

Vipre Vipre Enterprise Vipre Rescue Root kit killer

usbit USB Image Tool Take a virus and upload it here and it will tell you what program can kill it

WiFi Windows XP netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=SSID key=PASSWORD

WiFi Windows 7 same as above but also netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Windows 8 Classic Shell Make Windows 8.x look and feel like Windows 7

xpdown Decommission Windows XP, disable Automatic updates and Security Center, Remove Security Essentials, Install Clam AV Immunet

xpfileassoc Last resort Windows XP file association restore. .exe .com everything!




tdsskiller combofix SecuniaPSI3 killerxxx

remoteammyy combofix combofixfrombleepingcomputer mseinstaller (MS Essentials) XP-32 Vista7-32 Vista7-64 mwb killer 98 2K XP






2k3dst Daylight savings time for 2003

2k3sp1 windows server 2003 service pack 1

2k3sp2 windows server 2003 service pack 2

2k8 beta Windows Longhorn Server 2008 sn

2ksp4 windows 2000 service pack 4









arj extractor

att Setting up SBCglobal or AT&T account to allow non AT&T/non account to send emails


avg-antivirus AVG-1-19338227-CIO


blackberry Desktop manager 4.2

cdgone cdgone.txt

Computer Fitness How to answer X-Wares Invasion Overview



e2k3sp2a e2k3sp2b e2k3sp2c e2k3sp2d e2ksp3 exchange 2003 the e2k3sp2d fixes Vista and Windows 7 Outlook Web access issues

ghost - copydisk

has Windows Help and Services restore


ie6 full install


ie7 full install for XP ie7 for Windows 2003

ie8 full install for XP ie8 for Windows 2003

ie9 32-vista ie9 64 vista ie9 32 windows7 ie9 64 windows 7

keyfinder keyfinder2

killbox killbox2

killer 98 2K XP

mdacfix This fixes unusual script errors in internet explorer

Microsoft Compatibility Checker for Windows 7 RT and 8

msadaware (MS Anti-spyware Beta)

msconfig (From Windows XP to run on Windows 2000)

msfix Microsoft FixIT

nav2006 Norton Antivirus 2006

network assistance corner What server version should I use? Allowing XP Professional so people can get to me.


nt4sp6a (High Encryption)

ntbackup Because Windows XP Home needs it.

opera (Alternate to Internet Explorer)

OPHcrack for XP OPHcrack for Vista/7

ork Office Resource Kit


php to install PHP with instructions

pppoe (Point to point protocol over Ethernet)

printer properties error Microsoft hotfix



pwl.exe pwl.dsk.txt (right-click and save as) - copydisk rename pwl.dsk.txt to pwl.dsk, then type between the lines ==== copydisk pwl.dsk a: ===== pwl7.iso (does Vista and 7) unzip these files to the root of a usb drive formatted fat32. Open the USB stick and run louis.bat, Boot to it and change the password.




reset registry permissions subinacl

rnav2003 rnisupg Remove Norton 2003 and NIS

rootsupd Root Certificate Update

safari Old Safari

savpassword Symantec Antivirus Password reset

sct and uphc Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit

Secunia PSI2 Secunia PSI3

server docs Symantecbacupexec11d Logmein logmeindoc SymantecEndpoint Windows2000-2003deploy

showalldisplaytabs-xp If the Display TABs are missing in Windows XP, this restores them

shut shut the computer off batch file


shutgui Shutdown gui (map a drive and then shutdown \\remotecomputername

sniffer (packet sniffer)



tfpt (tfpt server)


tweakui133 Windows 98 tweakui2000 Windows 2000+

Disable unknown publisher warnings (text version)

uphclean Terminal Server User Profile Cleaner

usb (Driver for Windows 98 to see USB Drive)

usb2 Driver for Windows 98 to see USB 256MB Drive)


vlc Video Viewer


VPN Instructions

Vista VSP1-32bit VSP2-32bit

WiFi Mac filter how to DLINK LINKSYS NETGEAR Consolidated Wireless

win98boot.dsk.txt - copydisk (rename win98boot.dsk.txt to win98boot.dsk, then type between the lines ==== copydisk win98boot.dsk a: =====

winmsd Older Microsoft Diagnostics not tied to Help and Support

winstaller31 winstaller45

winvnc winvnc4 winvnc5


wmp11 Windows Media Player for XP 11 wmp12-x86 wmp12-x64

wscript 5.6 (95-98) wscript 5.6 (2000-XP)

wsftp FTP

wsupdate Windows Update Automatic Updates service is missing, this puts it back

wufix Windows Update is totally screwed, this puts all of up and running XP

Windows update fix for windows up to windows 7 KB971058 msfixit


To reset TCPIP on Windows XP 

Spyware coming in from internet explorer how to answer the question


workform.doc Donitech workform Impress-Computers workform

workform.pdf Donitech workform Impress-Computers workform