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We provide computer and network services to businesses that do not have professional computer support or require a higher level of support. We solve your computer issues so you can focus on your business. We will work with any computer running any version of Microsoft Windows workstation or server. We fix computer, server and network performance problems that other computer companies cannot fix. We are the only company that can stop 100% of viruses and malware on the desktop level.

Feel free to replace your computer company if they are not solving your issues in a timely fashion or even at all.

image011Of course we work on Microsoft Windows, any and all versions. Crashes, Blue Screens, Black Screens, Lockups, Errors of any kind.

image013Slow networks and internet access are no problem. We understand when your network runs at one ninth the normal speed. We can pinpoint the reason your network is slow or internet performance.

image015Data Backups are extremely important. Understand, not just to backup your data, but what options are best for your company no matter the size of your company. Tape, USB, Cloud. RAID IS NOT A BACKUP!

image017We can prevent viruses and malware. However, if you didn’t use our services, we can always help you get them cleaned off your system and get you back up and running.

Take action as fast as you can. It only takes a few minutes to cause days or weeks of devastation to your company. If you are an IT administrator or a company is infected with a spreading threat, our company can assemble an IT Virus SWAT team to come onsite, formulate a plan of action, and take action. We write quick scripts to detect the virus on each workstation, remove and isolate the infected, clean up the server, and recover your data from your isolated backups that were beyond the reach of the threat. We have the highest success rate of cleanup than any other company in Houston.

image026We provide descriptions on our invoice to your company. We have actually won clients on the simple fact that we describe the work we performed on the day we solved the issue. If your bill has a description that says “Labor” or “Service Fee”, it’s useless. Expect better.

image008We offer remote support services to anywhere in the world. In two clicks and two minutes, we can get into your computer and solve the problem. Why wait 30 minutes to an hour for us to drive to your place when we can start in two minutes? Anywhere in the world we can help you if you go out of town. We have a higher success rate of helping companies in the field than most other IT companies in our field.